Representing Planning Objections

Updated: 21st February 2011

With many development proposals there are two distinct sides to consider - the 'for' and the 'against'...

A stack of legal documentsThe English planning system introduces democracy into development - allowing all parties the opportunity to have their views and opinions considered.  However the process is [marginally] weighted in the applicants favour - as time is usually on the applicant's side.  Those with a vested interest in the outcome of the proposal (potential objectors) often have little or no prior warning that an application is being submitted and often lack professional support and guidance...

This need not be the case.  

Most applicants (but by no means all) will have a submitted a professionally prepared and substantiated application pack to the Local Planning Authority.  The suite of documents deeposited with the plannig authority should explain the arguments 'for' the proposed development - but will rarely raise or address the anticipated objections.  There can often be many parties that are aggrieved by a proposal or believe that they will be adversely affected if the proposed development were approved;

Keith Farmer Associates' Planning team provide a comprehensive planning assistance service to both sides of the planning argument; advising parties on both sides of the planning fence - from applicants to local action groups, private individuals and businesses at locations across Southern England.

We are happy to assist a range of scenarios with a wide range of services made available to our clients; from providing general planning guidance (procedural and material), organising / managing groups and multi-party collective objections and with the preparation and submission of detailed planning representations (from simple, formal letters of objection to detailed investigations, analysis and reports).  If required and if appropriate we will also formally represent clients in person at public hearings, planning committee meetings and at public inquiries.

We understand that our clients are often unaware of the implications of the planning system and are frequently asked to advise on the general process, to assess and analyse the merits (or foibles) of an already submitted application.  

Most importantly, we will objectively and impartially consider the facts presented - removing emotion and biased opinion from the process and representing our clients accordingly.

If you beleive that a local planning proposal will have an adverse impact on your situation, please do not hesitate to contact us - we'd be happy to discuss the options available to you.


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