Planning Applications

Updated: 24th November 2010

Until relatively recently planning applications (especially applications for outline planning consent) were modestly straightforward - however recent changes in application requirements have resulted in a significantly higher level of detail and information being required.

Many applications that may previously have been considered are now likely to be rejected if sufficient attention to detail is not given;  A common mistake at application stage is to present a proposal adopting a 'That'll do' attitude or avoiding answers to some of the more taxing questions...

It is easy to convince yourself that an application is 'just' a paper based formality and to assume that the council will not hold you to your proposal - BUT THEY CAN - AND THEY WILL!   

Barn suitable for conversion

Before committing to the application process the would-be developer should consider a number of questions:- 

  • Is planning permission actually required?
  • Am I making the right application - or is there an alternative that would work better?
  • Would it be better to apply for a big scheme in phases?
  • Should I make any alterations to make success more likely?
  • Do I actually need this?
  • Can I justify the scale, position and design of the proposal? 

Our Planning & Development team are available to guide you through the application process from the outset; to assist with scheme design, through application preparations and to manage the whole process with your own goals as our number one priority.


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