Welcome Zavian Teh!

Updated: 26th March 2011

We are very pleased to announce our new Consultant Structural Engineer - Zavian Teh.

Zavian has been working as an independent engineer for Keith Farmer for several years, yesterday (we are pleased and excited to report) Zavian agreed to join forces with us to deliver an improved service to our customers.

We approached Zavian to join forces with KFA to help us with a massive surge in requirements for specialist services to Solar PV Installers and investors.  In 2010 we recognised that many supposedly 'accredited' solar installers are neglecting to take specialist advice before installing retrofit systems. We set out in early 2011 to deliver a competative and affordable assessment system - SIRIAS - that will provide benefit to both MCS accredited PV installers and their respective client base. 

Having a dedicated (and hard working) Structural Engineer as a part of our Buildings Consultancy team will add to our inhouse expertise and add substantial capabilitiy to our rapidly expanding PV assessment service (SIRIAS).

In addition to our renewable-energy work, Zavian will continue to provide specialist engineering calculations services to our colleagues across the building insustry - he is keen to offer a 24-hour Turnaround "Off-Plan" calculations service to;

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Construction Professionals
  • Building Surveyors
  • And anyone needing assistance with building regulations, load forces, beam calculations or similar.

Needless to say - our specialst RICS surveyors and Architectural technologists are also available to work in cahoots with Zavian to provide a true one-stop-shop service to the industry.

For more information about this news - please call our offices; 

01823 666 223


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