Take a Chance on Me

Updated: 31st May 2011

SAVE's 22nd annual buildings at risk catalogue, published on 1 June 2011, is available now for pre-order. 

It features a selection of 100 buildings from around England and Wales which will also be added to the online register on 1 June. This year there are contributions from the Scottish Civic Trust and the Ulster Heritage Society along with examples of threatened buildings in need of saving.

Also included in the catalogue is helpful information on taking on a building in need and various spotlight sections. 



Take a Chance on Me is essential reading for anyone interested in heritage or who is looking to take on a restoration project.

The Catalogue can be purchased here

More information about SAVE can be found at their website here

SAVE has been described as the most influential conservation group to have been established since William Morris founded the Society for the Protection Ancient Buildings over a century ago. It was created in 1975 - European Architectural Heritage Year - by a group of journalists, historians, architects, and planners to campaign publicly for endangered historic buildings. Through press releases, lightening leaflets, reports, books and exhibitions, SAVE has championed the cause of decaying country houses, redundant churches and chapels, disused mills and warehouses, blighted streets and neighbourhoods, cottages and town halls, railway stations, hospitals, military buildings and asylums.

From the start, SAVE has always placed a special emphasis on the possibilities of alternative uses for historic buildings and, in a number of cases, it has prepared its own schemes for re-use of threatened buildings. On repeated occasions SAVE proposals have been instrumental in giving threatened buildings a renewed lease of life. SAVE is also very active on the broader issues of preservation policy.


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